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Driveways, Patios, Footpaths, Gutters, Fascias, Conservatories, Windows, Garden furniture, Outdoor play equipment, Wood decking, Waste containers, House washing, Graffiti removal, Roof moss removal, protective sealants, gutter repairs, post build cleans.

Gutter clearing

Blocked gutters can be the cause of many problems for householders. Water backing up can cause damp at the eaves, through walls and roof valleys. Traditionally clearing the gutters has been a messy and sometimes hazardous task involving ladders, buckets, scoops and dangerous balancing acts.

Our advanced high powered gutter vacuums and telescopic pressure wash lances reduce the need for high level work and enable us to clean gutters safely and effectively from the ground, on properties up to 4 stories high. We even have mini digital video cameras attached to our system to enable us to check the gutters and valleys before and after our work, thus eliminating any doubt or guesswork.

Drive, patio and deck cleaning

For most properties the driveway / path is the first thing your visitors get to see. A freshly cleaned drive gives a huge lift to the kerb appeal and provides a nice, not to mention safe welcome for guests.

We can clean, renovate and seal all types of drive, patio, and pathway, using highest quality and environmentally safe products. Our services range from a basic power wash to complete refurbishments, including re-sanding joints, and sealing block paving and natural stone. We can even carry out some minor repair works to damaged areas.

If your home has a wood deck area, we can clean and preserve these areas also, using your choice of final stain/protector.

Other services we can provide to householders

Soffit, fascia, frames &

Conservatory cleaning

As an addition to our gutter clearing service we are also able to offer cleaning for all wood or upvc fascias, soffits, eaves, window frames, porches and conservatories.

We clean all these areas using long reach, low pressure water-fed pole systems and gentle but effective detergents to ensure fantastic results without damaging seals or surrounding fittings.

Our conservatory cleans range from a basic gentle wash and rinse to a full conservatory valet which includes hand polishing exterior upvc frames and cills to remove stains and cleaning hinges, locks, seals and shuts on all windows and doors. We can bring even the most neglected conservatories back to life!

Equipment Hire for the DIY enthususiast.

Prefer to do the dirty work yourself?  Then we can provide the tools for the job.  At Crystal we have a range of exterior cleaning equipment suitable for DIY use. Contact us via the website enquiry page with your requirements and we will send a quote for hire that

compares well against any local tool hire companies.

Garden furniture & play equipment

We all know the feeling! buying some fantastic pieces of garden furniture or an amazing childrens play centre for the garden, only to realise that after one season left out in elements it's so mossy or dirty its almost unusable.

Crystal have the simple no fuss solution.... We can provide on-site or off site cleaning and renovation for all exterior furniture, garden features, and play equipment.  We can also re-apply teak oils or stains where required.   If you prefer the cleaning do be done off

site you can drop off smaller items to our Darlington's Yard Depot,

or we can collect the furniture and return it to you once cleaned

and treated.

Pricing for this service can often be done from emailed photographs.

Bin cleaning and santitizing.

Whilst we are on site cleaning your property, why not book in a clean for your bins and recycling containers. An average domestic selection of waste and recycling containers costs as little as £15 for cleaning inside & out including a final sanitizing fresh smelling treatment.

Low pressure house washing.

Alreay a widespread service in USA, low pressure house washing is a new concept here in UK. A combination of high reach telescopic washing equipment and effective but environmentally safe cleaning products gives a fantastic new look finish to most house exteriors. You may find you don't need to go to the expense of re-painting after all. Our house wash service can brighten the property up at a fraction of the cost.

Oil stain removal from driveways.

Most driveway and patio cleaning services will get rid of surface grime and dirt but cannot shift oil or rust stains from concrete, block paving or natural stone. At Crystal we have spent many hours of research and testing to find the right products to remove these stains. Most of the time we can remove small oil spots as part of our standard cleaning service, however more more extensive cleaning problems we are happy to provide a no obligation quote.

Roof moss removal

Many properties suffer from a build up of moss on the roof. Over time this can cause excess moisture between and under the

tiles. It can lift tiles and cause them to slip out of place. In cold weather the excess water trapped in the moss between the tiles

can freeze, expand and crack the tiles. The 2 main processes we can use to remove roof moss are either high pressure washing using

specialist fittings or scraping the moss from the roof using long reach brushes. Pressure washing is effective for large badly affected

areas but most properties can be cleaned using our telescopic brushes and scaffold.

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